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Bark Lee Ultramarathon Chafe Slayer Bidet

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About this Product

If you have read the other descriptions, you can hopefully understand that there is some low-level attempt at humor in each of them.

Except this one. 

For all of you long distance runners out there, the Bark Lee Ultramarathoner Chafe Slayer Bidet is for you. I had a brief career as an ultramarathoner. And on a few of those Saturday long runs I had some episodes that required searching for some soft moss.  Running another 10 miles after wiping with leaves and moss just isn't the same as the first ten. When I started making bidets, I always brought one along in my running pack or belt.  It took up nearly no space, added nearly no weight, and the two or three times I needed it was a game changer.  Sometimes it did not fit the flask I was bringing so I just threw in one of those little 8 oz plastic water bottles.  Empty, it added no burden to my run. Full, it was my back up hydration.  If you are already packing a traditional plastic water bottle, then you are all already all set.  

Even if you do not need it to poop, the Bark Lee Ultramarathoner Chafe Slayer Bidet is useful for an occasional rinse.  Get that salt out of your crack and run all day without the burn. You can leave the nutty butter at home.

PLEASE NOTE: the bidet fits two of my plastic collapsable flasks but does not fit my third. So, no promises that it will fit yours.  They do come in a pretty standard size and the flasks of mine that it does not fit are some cheap no-names from Ebay.

Here is what some testers had to say:

"I began to ‘convert’ to a bidet after one of your earlier videos, and what a nice difference! Sparing details, has made a few situations so much better. Not worrying about running out of TP, and not developing monkey butt make any journey better. I took along a little TP initially as insurance, but that is changing too." Ryan

"The bidet is real people!! It will change your life in the backcountry!!" Michael

There are three videos you should watch:

  • CLICK HERE to see a ridiculously long video that I made explaining how to use the Holey Hiker Bidet. 
  • CLICK HERE to see a video about how to put the bidet in and out of a bottle 
  • And you can CLICK RIGHT HERE to see a video about the new bidet.

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Holey Hiker Backpacking Bidets

Bethany, CT

Meet the Maker

Hello and welcome to Holey Hiker Bidets! I'm Paul Bogush the designer, creator, lead tester, and CEO (Chief Elimination Officer) of Holey Hiker Backpacking Bidets.  After using a few other bidets I realized that not one had all the features I was looking for.  None had the right combination of durability, ease of use, low water usage, and the perfect stream.  I decided to start designing and testing my own in December 2020.  Each time I went out I made a small change and then came home and fired up the 3D printer to make the improvements based on my experience and the experiences and feedback from testers all around the country. After one last outing on the Appalachian Trail in June of 2020, I had what I thought was the perfect backpacking bidet...but testers started to report that it would crack after about a year's worth of use.  After another year of prototyping and experimenting with different plastics the final prototype was finally made in July of 2021 and sales to our waiting list and anyone who happen to stumble upon the website began. Our "grand opening" finally occurred on November 19, 2021.

In June of 2023 we closed the shop and I set out to improve the design and make it stronger, lighter, and improve the spray. I decided to use a injection molding process which meant getting a crash course in how to take my 3D printed design and convert it to a design that could be injection molded. For those of you that design and make, it was going from Tinkercad to SolidWorks :) Finally in January the current version was finally approved, mold created, and the first 25 prototypes were made and tested.  The current version of the bidet started being sold in March of 2024 and are made at a family run business right here in Connecticut. It is a one man show so please be patient with shipping and correspondence. 

We are the only seller of the Holey Hiker Backpacking Bidet.  All other sites selling four-hole bidets are selling imitations!  Feel free to point them out and I'll gladly tell you why their imitation design is inferior.  

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How it’s Made

After four years of prototyping and manufacturing bidets in a corner of my house, I am now working with a local family-owned business to make the plastic part of the bidets with final assembly at my house. The plastic for the bidets is manufactured in Texas. The O-rings are FDA grade seals. There are no O-rings manufactured in the USA! They’re from the Philippines :) If you purchased a bidet within the last four years, there will be some slight changes you might notice. 

  • It now weighs only 4 grams
  • The spray pattern is slightly different. I think you'll notice that you get clean faster
  • The arrow on top is more prominent. Please note that the bidet does not come with a painted arrow. A Sharpie will last multiple trips, but your favorite nail polish will last a long, long time. 

The bidets are designed with Smartwater bottles in mind but work with pretty much any plastic "water bottle" except for the very cheap store brand or dollar store bottles. 

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Shop Policies

If your bidet malfunctions or gets destroyed by a bear within 900 days of buying it, we will send out a new bidet to you. If it breaks after 900 days and you have a really good story about how it got destroyed, please share it with us. If it's interesting enough, I'll share it at the dinner table with the family and have them vote on whether a free replacement should be sent out. 

We package the bidets the weekend after receiving the order and get them in the mail the following Monday...usually. Like 98% of the time.

You will be sent a confirmation email with the shipping # after it is packed. 

Please keep in mind that you will receive no cutesy note or extra packing material to cut down on waste. You will get just a bidet in a little box wrapped in a single piece of paper :) 

If you do not receive a bidet within 2 weeks of ordering please contact us!

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